Posted by: bamby04 | January 8, 2009

Cat in the Kitchen

You guys are not going to believe what happend to me today, I was, as always, sleeping on the sofa when all of a sudden i smelled somethign strange from the kitchen, now, I know what you are thinking, food is there and my mom, god bless her, cant cook a thing so every once in a while you can get some strange smells coming out of there, but I am telling you – this was different.

I went to the kitchen (ye, I actually got off my sofa and walked few steps, and there it was a big fat cat just standing near the sink – I was shocked, first of all I have no idea how he got in, and secondly, A CAT IN MY KITCHEN???? THE HELL

So  obviously i started barking like crazy, till my mom came and she saw the cat, she couldnt let him escape since i was standing there waiting for him to step down, so she took me by my leash to the outside so the crazy cat can go outside and run like there is no tomorrow

I wish I could get him.

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