Posted by: bamby04 | December 12, 2008

My friend new site –

So i just wanted to tell you something about other dog friend of mine – as you can guess i am a very friendly dog so naturally i have many many dogs friends, i love the, all – i must say, but few of them i like better than others – thats life.

Anywa, one of my favorite, he is trully a family guy kind of dog , he loves the family he is with, he will die for them, he always protect them and love it when they are at home (unlike me when i use the time my family is not around to eat some of their food and take naps on the new furniture – LOL)

So this dog, his name is Puddy, just opened a new site for families, about how to work from home (which means you spend more time with your dog), about some safety tips for kids, about health and so on – this is a new site but i am shamelessly linking here to his new site – go see it…its Puddy’s site.

Have fun

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