Posted by: bamby04 | February 10, 2007

My weekend experiences

A few days ago I met a new friend- he is a nice guy that used to work with my “dad” a few years ago , and by the way – he is really good looking- if I wasn’t a dog – trust me I would go and introduce myself – hahha.

Anyway, those beasts bought a pizza and ate it like there is no tomorrow – god, they left me nothing to eat – how rude is that? all I got was the empty box….come on!!!!

So this guy came over for a visit and he was very nice to me and said I’m beautiful and he allowed me to lick him (he tasted good – yummy).

After a while i got tired and went to have my beauty sleep and this guy promised me he will come again with his girlfriend (GREAAAAT) that would love me cause im very cute (of course).
So, that was a few days ago, and today i actually done nothing as usual – im really a couch potato. I had ate alot of food so naturally I am really tired now so I think I will go to my parents bed – they are not around so they wouldn’t notice that and get some sleep over there – that’s the best – especially now since they bought new sheets – LOL.

good night guys

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