Posted by: bamby04 | October 17, 2011

My new sister

Not too long ago my mom and dad brought a new dog to their new house – she is a Weimaraner and she is 2 years old now. She is very skinny (unlike me – LOL) and very athletic – oh boy – she is making me look bad, she is making me look lazy (i know i am lazy but nobody knew it till she came around)

On the bright side – she is cute and funny, so i kinda like her.

I think we can be friends…

Posted by: bamby04 | September 9, 2011

I am 9 years old

happy birthday to me i am 9 years old – come to think about it – im not sure its good news – dogs dont live so long – 9 is pretty much old….yikes

i am fatter than ever – im so lazy but i love to eat so…im getting fat – but i dont care, i love the good life, waking up late, go outside for a short hike (lol – a hike – ye right) and eat all day long – yep – thats me

so – happy birthday to me 🙂

Posted by: bamby04 | September 28, 2009

I Got Some Fat in My Tail

Imagine that, i have no idea how this happend but suddenly there is some fat in my tail – what should i do?

it is so strange its like i am so fat that there is no more room for fat it has started to go down my body to my tail – did u ever seen anything like that?  i am a bit worried –  i think i need to go to the doctor and have this crazy tail of mine examine  – oh god….

maybe i will take a pic of my freaky tail later and upload it – in the meantime – any suggestions?

Posted by: bamby04 | July 22, 2009

Maybe I will Move to A New House Soon

exiting news here for Bamby the dog – maybe i will move to a new house soon with my mom and dad, how cool is this? they are now searching for either buying a house or bulding a new house (which will be like their dream house and so and so but will take much more time.)


they saw one house which is really great and they love it so maybe they will get it and the cool thing it has a huge yard for me. although the house need some redesigning and redecorating since it is a bit old – maybe i should give them this new site i found about home improvement ha? LOL


I am going to sleep

Posted by: bamby04 | June 9, 2009

Summer is Here

It is getting really hot lately and summer is here already, for me, its bad news, i am too hot, the yard has almost no wind and it forces me to sleep on the floor most of the day since this is the only place not so warm around here – and it is not as comfortable as the sofa – believe me….

Anyway, on the positive side of things, i really love the new artificial grass we have in our yard now, it is so great, fluffy and green, no need to ever take care of it and it is always there for me to ley down at the shadow of the tree…real nice.

Posted by: bamby04 | April 1, 2009

I am Getting Old

This is so strange but lately i definitely get the feeling of growing older, I sleep most of the day, I dont have as much energy as I used to have and overall – im just feeling old – how sad.

I also gained some weight lately and i love to eat so probably it wont go awaty anytime soon, but, what can you do? im just a spoiled dog, if it means I will die younger, then so be it – im here to have fun…

Posted by: bamby04 | February 13, 2009

What a Day I will have Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am going to go on a cool trip, we will drive for a while (about 2 hours) which i just love since i love sleping in the car while driving. and then we will get to my dad’s parents house, and the cool thing about there is first of all, all of them love me and pet me and take me for walks and i just love it, the 2nd thing is that there is tons of food there, and my gradnmother is always giving me too much food and it is so much fun.

i will tell you more about it next time

Posted by: bamby04 | January 24, 2009

Life is Good

Last night I got this huge meal, it was so unexpected, my mom and dad got back like at midnight or something like that holding a bag for me with a great meet selection and some very tasty bones, so i got of the sofa and ran outside and ate all of it at once, yes, as I said it was mifnight – I am really really hungry sometimes I guess.

I also went to the vet yesterday and got my annual shot – so now I am healthy so basically it means I can bite someone and he will live – LOL

Posted by: bamby04 | January 16, 2009

Cat is Back to the Kitcehn

you are not going to believe it back the crazy fat cat is back to our kitchen, i was shocked he had the balls to come back there – if my mom was letting me have him back then he would never come back to our kitchen…

he was standing on the stove, eating the meat my mom was doing , licking his face, enjoing life -unreal

Anyway , he ran to the yard, I ran after him, he tried to escape, i got him, took a bite – we will see how fast he will be back this time.

Posted by: bamby04 | January 8, 2009

Cat in the Kitchen

You guys are not going to believe what happend to me today, I was, as always, sleeping on the sofa when all of a sudden i smelled somethign strange from the kitchen, now, I know what you are thinking, food is there and my mom, god bless her, cant cook a thing so every once in a while you can get some strange smells coming out of there, but I am telling you – this was different.

I went to the kitchen (ye, I actually got off my sofa and walked few steps, and there it was a big fat cat just standing near the sink – I was shocked, first of all I have no idea how he got in, and secondly, A CAT IN MY KITCHEN???? THE HELL

So  obviously i started barking like crazy, till my mom came and she saw the cat, she couldnt let him escape since i was standing there waiting for him to step down, so she took me by my leash to the outside so the crazy cat can go outside and run like there is no tomorrow

I wish I could get him.

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